Payday 2 no alarm script

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Payday 2 no alarm script

Postby Eraser » Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:04 pm

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function GroupAIStateBase:_clbk_switch_enemies_to_not_cool() end
function PlayerMovement:on_suspicion( observer_unit, status ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:on_criminal_suspicion_progress( u_suspect, u_observer, status ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:criminal_spotted( unit ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:report_aggression( unit ) end
function PlayerMovement:on_uncovered( enemy_unit ) end
function SecurityCamera:_upd_suspicion( t ) end
function SecurityCamera:_sound_the_alarm( detected_unit ) end
function SecurityCamera:_set_suspicion_sound( suspicion_level ) end
function SecurityCamera:clbk_call_the_police() end
function CopMovement:anim_clbk_police_called( unit ) end
function CopLogicArrest._upd_enemy_detection( data ) end
function CopLogicArrest._call_the_police( data, my_data, paniced ) end
function CopLogicIdle.on_alert( data, alert_data ) end
function CopLogicBase._get_logic_state_from_reaction( data, reaction )
   return "idle"
function GroupAIStateBase:sync_event( event_id, blame_id ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:on_police_called( called_reason ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:on_police_weapons_hot( called_reason ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:on_gangster_weapons_hot( called_reason ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:on_enemy_weapons_hot( is_delayed_callback ) end
function GroupAIStateBase:_clbk_switch_enemies_to_not_cool() end

-- Message on screen
if managers.hud then
   managers.hud:show_hint( { text = "LUA Hack loaded!" } )

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