THUGPRO Statless Online Play?

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THUGPRO Statless Online Play?

Postby Checkman44 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:02 pm

I have been trying to play through LAN with my friend using custom characters without stats (every stat set to 0). It works fine in free skate, but as soon as we play online, all stats are automatically set to FULL. Is seems like some script is overriding the stat settings when playing online.

Is there any way to play with 0 stats online? It is much more fun to us that way. We want to have it at least a bit more realistic...

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Re: THUGPRO Statless Online Play?

Postby WhoElseButMe » Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:52 pm

Stats are leveled out to max 10 when only so everyone has the same stats online.
If you know how to make a better balance cas you could use that same technique to give worse balance and have all stats at 0.
This wont work for thugpro by the way.
WhoElseButMe on Nov 26, 2009 wrote:It's that lack of respect amongst their peers and ignorance towards modding etiquette that keeps us who know this stuff well from spreading it like wild fire. We do still enjoy playing the game and if you need to cheat to play a game PLAY SOMETHING ELSE YOU DON'T SUCK AT.

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