710 Mod 1.0 Release

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710 Mod 1.0 Release

Postby ZurePitchmen83 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:04 am

Nothing much is in it, but i figured i thought i'd leave you a treat for you guys just now, i've been working on this for a month

Uses Openspy and no Connection Refused
Maximum of 8 Players in a Custom Park Online
Skips the opening logos
Camera Angle options inside the options menu
Screen Mode menu enabled
Replaced 10 Minutes with 30 Minutes
3 New songs added into the soundtrack
Easier Balence for Pro/Secret/Custom Skaters
More Accurate Skateboard speed
Recolored HUD in Blue-White
Red Loading bar
Animations Menu (UNFINISHED)
Ped Spawning Menu
No Clip
Debug Menu
Merge Level Menu (Merge level with Philly, School, or Downhill Jam)
Unlocked TestLevel
All hidden CAS Items unhidden
Added Casper as a special manual (Idle anim is BUGGED though)
Replaced Mullen grind with Darkslide
Works online and offline

Things to add in the future:
on/off Menu
Skip to restart menu
A more complete animations menu
Adding more special tricks

Thanks to:
%.gone, and Anteara

Download Link
THPS4 Level Expansion Pack, THUG2 710 Mod 1.0
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