Resident Evil 3 item list

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Resident Evil 3 item list

Postby Eraser » Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:00 pm

This is the Item list that you can use with the RE3 trainer.

If you find any new items you can post in here, however I think it just goes to endless loop and there are only 171 items. So item number 173 = Knife (same as number 1).

Code: Select all


0   Nothing
1   Knife
2   Merc's Handgun
3   Hand Gun
4   Shotgun
5   Magnum
6   G. Launcher (burst)
7   G. Launcher (flame)
8   G. Launcher (acid))
9   G. Launcher (freeze)
10   Rocket Launcher
11   Gatling Gun
12   Mine Thrower
13   EAGLE 6.0
14   Assault Rifle (manual)
15   Assault Rifle (auto)
16   Western Custom
18   M92F E
19   Benelli M3S E
20   M. Thrower E
21   H. Gun Bullets
22   Magnum Bullets
23   Shotgun Shells
24   Granade Rounds
25   Flame Rounds
26   Acid Rounds
27   Freeze Rounds
28   M.T. Rounds (Mine Thrower rounds)
29   A.R. Bullets (Assault Rifle bullets)
30   H.G. Bullets E (Hand Gun bullets Enhanced, Used for M92F or the SIGPRO)
31   S.G. Shell E (Used for Benelli M3S)
32   F. Aid Spray
33   Green herb
34   Blue herb
35   Red herb
36   Mixed herb (green + green)
37   Mixed herb (blue + green)
38   Mixed herb (red + green)
39   Mixed herb (green + green + green)
40   Mixed herb (green + green + blue)
41   Mixed herb (green + red + blue)
42   F. Aid Box
43   Crank
47   S.T.A.R.S Card (Jill's)
49   Battery
50   Fire Hook
51   Power Cable
52   Fuse
54   Oil Additive
55   Card Case
56   S.T.A.R.S Card (Brad's)
57   Machine Oil
58   Mixed Oil
60   Wrench
61   Iron Pipe
63   Fire Hose
64   Tape Recorder
65   Lighter Oil
66   Empty Lighter
67   Lighter
68   Green Gem
69   Blue Gem
70   Amber Ball
71   Obsidian Ball
72   Crystal Ball
76   Gold Gear
77   Silver Gear
78   Chronos Gear (silver + gold gear)
79   Bronze Book
80   Bronze Compass
81   Vaccine Medium
82   Vaccine Base
85   Vaccine
88   Medium Base
89   EAGLE Parts A
90   EAGLE Parts B
91   M37 Parts A
92   M37 Parts B
94   Chronos Chain
95   Rusted Crank
96   Card Key
97   Gun Powder A
98   Gun Powder B
99   Gun Powder C
100   Gun Powder AA
101   Gun Powder BB
102   Gun Powder AC
103   Gun Powder BC
104   Gun Powder CC
105   Gun Powder AAA
106   Gun Powder AAB
107   Gun Powder BBA
108   Gun Powder BBB
109   Gun Powder CCC
110   Inf. Bullets
111   Water Sample
112   System Disk
113   Dummy Key
114   Lockpick
115   Warehouse Key
116   Sickroom Key
117   Emblem Key
119   Clock T. Key
120   Clock T. Key
121   Chronos Key
123   Park Key
124   Park Key
125   Park Key
126   Facility Key
127   Facility Key
128   Boutique Key
129   Ink Ribbon
130   Reloading Tool
131   Game Inst. A
132   Game Inst. B
171   no item
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Re: Resident Evil 3 item list

Postby happyleila » Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:51 pm

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