WoW Classic Beta Rumors Appears in Blizzard

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WoW Classic Beta Rumors Appears in Blizzard

Postby wowclassicgp » Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:58 am

Wow classics have been around for a while, and now the classic beta version of World of Warcraft has happened, but unfortunately, it is limited to Blizzard employees, where wowclassicgp shares an updated news as a professional wow classic gold for sale store, community manager Bornakk said, soon There will be more news, Blizzard is making sure that the game is on the release date, and the Wow Classic Beta entry appears in Blizzard's CDN.

WoW Classic Beta is already arriving

The community has long suspected that Blizzard has tested everything on the test server. Whether the player will gain some practical experience before the official release. Not based on the new blue post dedicated to the classic Blizzard Forum.

Community manager Bornakk solved the excitement caused by the recent leaked snapshot made by, which captured a glimpse of the Warcraft Classic Beta uploaded to Blizzard's content management system.

As the Wowhead user discovered, the new test entry updated the client database from 7.3.5 to 8.01.

Once the much-anticipated WoW Classic Beta is released, it will be the first time for more players to use. It hopes to bring back most of the nostalgic charm, and even copy some vanilla WoW worms to prove it. Players already know a demo that gives them limited time to play, so the possibilities of the WoW Classic beta are an exciting prospect for the franchise fan base.

Other than that, we don't have any announcements at the moment. I know that all of you are very excited about this game, and we thank you for your patience as we continue to develop them. For more wow classic update news, please visit our wowclassicgp. Now wow classic gold and wow classic power leveling are hot sale, you can ask for wow classic boosting service to level up fast and you can get a surprise price.

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